Is Walmart the Best for Truckers?

In April 2022, Walmart announced it was hiring new training program for truck drivers and increasing pay for existing ones. However the new hire program was only available to existing Walmart employees who did not otherwise have a CDL license. As part of the program, Walmart was offering to pay the entire cost of obtaining a CDL license which can run up to $5000. Since, April there hasn’t been much media coverage of the program and we were wondering about the success of the program and what it was really like driving a truck for Walmart.


Almost everyone starts on 5-2 and you will not get weekends off. 

Walmart many different schedule options, like 5 days on and 5 days off, 5-2,5-3 there is also, 6-2, 6-3 Walmart also offers PTO. Newbies will be on a 5-2 schedule.

Expect to sleep in your truck with Walmart compensating you $42 a night to sleep in the truck. You will get a safety bonus every quarter. And you will get a safety day off once a quarter. 

How to accrue paid time off: for every 120-125  hours you will get one paid day off. As your tenure at Walmart increases the hours that you have to work to get PTO decreases, the longer you are there the less time you have to work to get paid time off.

Walmart Myths


Walmart trucks have in-facing cameras. That is FALSE. There is one camera in the truck and it faces forward and out. The reason that Walmart is not likely to want an in-facing camera is because in the event a driver is doing something wrong and gets into an accident, that in-facing camera documenting the Driver’s mistake can be used in Court against them. The out facing camera is more likely to establish fault from another Driver. Cameras only record at a sudden breaking point.

No Phones allowed: That is FALSE. You will be subject to a strict phone policy if you get into an accident. No phone during construction zone or backing up. A head set is required. Otherwise there is no phone restriction. 

Walmart Pulls Phone Records Anytime: FALSE Walmart only requests phone records when you were in an accident that causes at least $1000 in damages.

Slip seating TRUE but you are often in the same truck for several weeks as the ratio can be 2 trucks with 3 guys or 4 drivers to 3 trucks. At first expect that you will at least have the same truck for your entire week. All trucks come with microwaves but since you are sharing with the same guys you can decide to buy and leave in a microwave for example

You can expect to make about $115,000 your first year of driving with Walmart. 

You have to have 30 months experience with a class A truck.

The foundation of the driving structure is safety so that means following the policy and procedures. But Walmart rewards you for that with additional paid time off PTO for a good safety record. 

The way to acclimate with the Walmart is the Mentor program you will drive with a Mentor for 2 weeks. 

Pay System

You get paid by mile and every activity. The amount Drivers get per mile is a slight 3 cent difference in areas where the cost of living is lower. Meaning…drivers on the East Coast will get 8 cents a mile while Drivers in Arkansas for example will get 5 cents a mile. However, the pay for Driver activities is the same across the board. There are opportunities for something called an extension bonus where you get up to $275 just to work an additional day on top of mileage and all of the activity pay.

Walmart is the Best Mega Carrier!

By far the best decision I have ever made was coming to work for Walmart.
Donald Dyer
OTR Trucker

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