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Best Companies for New Drivers

Trucking will allow you to be free

If your Dispatcher is pressuring you in any way that you deem to be unsafe, use your common sense and remember, it is your license your CDL at risk always, if you get into an accident or incident, you are the one who has to defend it, the dispatcher gets to show up to work the next day. There is no my dispatcher told me to do it. You’re the one who will get the call from the company telling you their insurance is now too high they cannot use you anymore. Never put your license at risk. 

Companies Hiring With NO Experience

new truck driver with no experience

Here is our best list of companies hiring with little or no driving experience:

  • Swift
  • US Press
  • CRST
  • C.R. England Trucking
  • Prime, Inc.
  • Roehl Transport
  • Schneider
  • CFI
  • Werner

Do You Have to Go OTR?

No, the following companies will take you with no experience and you do not have to go OTR. But, remember these are “Touch Freight” opportunities meaning you have to load and unload everyday.

  • Coca Cola
  • Sysco

Top Tips

Trip Planning:

Know the good and fast routes

Is there any restrictions on roads, times, what you can carry etc.

Best time to travel

GPS only guides you it doesn’t necessarily follow the truck route. 

Truck étiquette:

If you’re in the middle lane and you are taking your time, get to the right lane if another trucker is coming up behind you. 

Understanding your truck and equipment

When driving containers- check that your 4 pins are locked, that is part of your pre-trip inspection with 4 pins lock down each pin with zip ties so that when the container is bouncing on the chassis, the zip ties will prevent the pins from coming unlocked

Felonies are Ok

Felons with no experience can be hired so don’t be discouraged.

Schneider: wait 7 years from conviction

Swift: wait 7 years from conviction

Prime: wait 10 years from conviction

CRST: they have hair follicle test

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